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Graphene Applications

Graphene is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to expand markets and possibly displace current methods of production. The whole promise of graphene can only be fulfilled when it is employed both to modify and enhance current materials.


Graphene based Battery Technology

Graphene as Electrode Material in Li-ion Battery

A graphene battery can reduce charging times while being strong, lightweight, and appropriate for large capacity energy storage. By adding conductivity without using the same quantities of carbon as in traditional batteries, graphene will increase battery life, which is inversely related to the amount of carbon coated on the material or added to electrodes to create conductivity.

Aluminium Air Battery

Graphene as Air Electrode

Li/S and Li/air cells have attracted much recent attention as potential successors to lithium ion batteries because of their exceptionally high energy density compared with current battery technology. 


Graphene -  Carbon Fiber Composite

Graphene reinforced composite

A tiny quantity of graphene can strengthen PAN-based CFs and reduce flaws and porosity. According to the findings of our experiments, PAN/graphene composite CFs with 0.075 weight percent graphene reinforcement display 225% more strength and 184% more Young's modulus than PAN CFs.

Graphene Polymer Composite

Graphene reinforced polymer 

It has been observed that MLG possesses a higher specific penetration energy (10 times higher than steel at 600 m/s). This is mainly attributed to the formation of cone waves and their rapid propagation in the radial direction in the graphene layers.

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