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About us

Graphenera Carbon was founded in 2022 by Mr. Shri Narayan Agnihotri (IIT, Dhanbad) in collaboration with TEXMiN (IIT, ISM, Dhanbad), located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

Graphenera Carbon Private Limited is recognized and registered under the Startup India Programme (DPIIT), and we aim to grow as the world's largest graphene manufacturing company.

Our Aim

Graphenera Carbon Private Limited aims to bring an Era of Graphene where mankind can take advantage of this new material to propel a greener and better world. To do this, graphene needs to be available for every industry at an affordable cost. Graphenera Carbon not only produces high-quality graphene at a low cost but also does research and development in graphene and graphene-derived materials, contributing to continuous technological evolution.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear and determined to build a greener and better world by helping industries adopt graphene and take advantage of its advantages to cut carbon emissions, improve their products, make durable and long-lasting batteries, and make lighter and stronger composite materials. Not just these but endless potential

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