Graphene is known as wonder material because of its unique properties, like extremely high tensile strength, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity and zero band gap semiconductor which positions graphene as one of the most desirable material known to man kind.

Battery Technology

Graphene is having excellent electrical and thermal properties, electrical conductivity upto 100 MS/m, thermal conductivity 3500-5300 W/mK, for comparision copper electrical conductivity is 57-59 MS/m and thermal conductivity 400W/mK.

This makes graphene as best choice for cathode material in Li-ion batteries, our graphene is best suited for this application due to lesser number of layers 1-5 layer graphene at extremely low cost. Lower number of layers facilitates the intercalation / de-intercalation of ions during charging and discharging making battery more energy density, and increases power density and deceases charging time.

Composite Material

Our product can be used in composite materials due to its better thermal and mechanical properties. Graphene has a myriad of unprecedented attributes, any number of which could potentially be used to make extraordinary composites. The presence of graphene can enhance the conductivity and strength of bulk materials and help create composites with superior qualities. The potential of graphene composites includes medical implants, engineering materials for aerospace and renewables and much more.

Metals and Alloys

Adding graphene nano powder to metals and alloys can results in increase in electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and tensile strength. Currently on going work in Aluminium Graphene alloy showing incredible improvement in tensile strength and increased electrical conductivity due to high electron mobility of graphene sheet (15000 cm2⋅V−1⋅s−1 ) which increases over conductivity of the alloy. Increase in tensile strength arises due to

These improved properties can play important role in reducing the cost of installation and enhance the efficiency of Transmission Line.

Graphene Ink

We can use our product in forming graphene-based ink, the graphene solution has the potential to offer a low-power way to heat water when there is an interruption to the gas supply. Currently, the provision of fan heaters and hot plates to vulnerable customers without a gas supply can be expensive and challenging, particularly for elderly or disabled customers.