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Graphenera Carbon

A Graphene Manufacturing Company


Graphene - A Wonder Material 

Graphene is a revolutionary technology that has the potential to expand markets and possibly displace current methods of production. The whole promise of graphene can only be fulfilled when it is employed both to modify and enhance current materials.

Graphene is a fascinating material with a wide range of astounding capabilities. To know more click here.

Graphene - Applications


  • Ultra Fast Charging and Long Lasting battery  - 60x Fast charging

  • Super-capacitors 

  • Glass Fiber and Carbon Fiber reinforcement - up to 300% stronger

  • Semiconductors ,Electronics and battery pack cooling system- Thermal Interface Materials with thermal conductivity more than 20 W/(m k)

  • Thermally Conductive Epoxy Adhesives 

  • Advanced Polymer Composite - up to 250% stronger

  • Graphene + PETG 3D Filament - Enhanced Strength by 40%, High Dimensional Stability and Improves life of Nozzle.

  • Light weight body Armour 

  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI)  shielding

  • Graphene Ceramic Coating - Multi surface protective and detailing coating

  • Graphene based conductive Ink-  more conductive than copper

  • Solar Panel - A low cost substitute for expansive silver based slurry

  • Graphene based Lubrication Oil -  Improves efficiency by at least 12%

  • Metals and Alloys - Graphene enhances electrical and thermal conductivity of metals and alloys by 50%

  • Military and Defense

  • Research and Development
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