Graphenera Carbon Private Limited is a graphene manufacturing company located in Bangalore, India. We produce high quality graphene in large volume by our unique innovative process.

Our graphene products are suitable for large number of applications including composite material, battery technology, concrete, polymers and many others.

FESEM image

Scanning Electron Microscopy of Graphene Powder, showing the layer morphology and layer separation.


Transmission Electron Microscopy shows the graphene layers in dispersed form.

Raman Spectroscopy is well known technique used for graphene characterization over the decade of research work for industrial application.

The 532nm Raman spectra shown, the characteristic peak of graphene is clearly visible. The quality can be estimated by the ratio of Intensity of G peak and 2D peak (IG/I2D- lower is better).

Defect can also be estimated by ratio of intensity of D Peak and G Peak. ( ID/IG - lower is better).

Variety of packages, in small quantity as little as 1 gram per order and bulk quantity as large as 10 kg per order.

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Raman Scectra of our graphene